Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meet Brooke Kindelsperger!

Hi everyone! I'm Brooke Kindelsperger, and I will be one of your peer mentors this fall. 

Moving can be a stressful situation especially when you are moving away from home for the first time.  Hopefully, I can give you a few little tips to make your move to Iowa State a little easier.
Packing is one of the first steps and it starts at home.  If you can, try to go to a local grocery store or gas station to get sturdy boxes for packing.  They will usually just give them to you saving you a little money.  It is also handy to pack things into plastic totes, but if you cannot send these totes home they take up a lot of space in your room.  Be aware of what you are packing and the space you will have available to you.  Labeling boxes can help you decide what is best to unpack first when you get to your new Iowa State home.  Don't waste space in boxes, tubs, etc.  You can even pack things inside of your microwave! :)
Organization is very important in small spaces.  Small plastic containers and organizers can be found at most local stores and are great for putting school supplies, jewelry, and other small items.  You can even pack these before you put them into larger boxes to save time.  I found that a small 3 drawer cart fit perfectly in my dorm room closet for a little extra drawer space.
If you haven't already, talk to your roommate(s) to know what each of them is bringing so you do not have 2 of the same things.  Plus this gives you the chance to know what kind of decorations each of you is bringing.
MOVE-IN DAY! It's exciting, sad, confusing and frustrating all in one.  With all those emotions it's hard to keep everything into focus.  Be aware that there are hundreds of families moving in their children in those two short days so the parking lots and buildings will be busy.  Take advantage of the move-in crew!  They will be easily identifiable and they are there to help you.  They can do anything from helping you carry furniture to directing you to where you can check in at.
Many students choose to loft their beds which works very well.  But, if you are planning on moving your furniture around in your dorm room it is best to do that before you crowd the space with boxes.  This is another thing your roommate(s) and you can discuss before moving in to make things go a little smoother.

Most of all it is important to make the best of your move to Iowa State and to make it your home for the next four years!

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